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From moisturizing creams to regenerating oils, each creation reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, showcasing carefully chosen natural ingredients. Our body products wrap the skin in a nourishing embrace, providing deep, reparative, and long-lasting hydration. Thanks to our expertise, each application becomes an indulgent moment, revealing revitalized skin, subtly scented and ready to face the daily routine with radiance.

Body creams are designed to nourish and moisturize the skin, creating a protective barrier against dryness. They often contain ingredients such as oils, butters, and moisturizing agents, ensuring skin suppleness.

Our body oils, composed of vegetable oils, natural extracts and vitamins, nourish and moisturize the skin, improving its suppleness and vitality, while leaving a sensation of softness and natural radiance after application.

Our Moroccan black soaps, traditional masterpieces, blend the excellence of organic argan oil, the purity of olive oil, and the delicacy of various floral aromas. Recognized for their exfoliating, moisturizing, and soothing properties, these soaps unveil the secret to soft, restored, and radiant skin.

Our clay powders are natural care formulations made from clay, a mineral-rich substance. Intended for applications such as body, face, and hair masks, these powders leverage absorbent, purifying, and regenerating properties. They help eliminate excess sebum, impurities, and revitalize the skin. Available in different shades, such as green, white, or red clay, our powders are suitable for various skin types.

Our sugar and salt scrubs are carefully formulated to exfoliate and revitalize the skin. Whether you prefer a gentler exfoliation with sugar or a more robust exfoliation with salt, these elements gently remove dead cells, promoting smoother and radiant skin. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, our scrubs preserve skin softness and revitalize, offering a skincare experience tailored to the body.

Our body masks incorporate argan oil, essential oils, and other revitalizing ingredients like green tea. These masks deeply moisturize and help regenerate and restore skin vitality, providing an unparalleled moment of well-being.

Our lotions are designed to moisturize and revitalize the epidermis, leaving the skin fresh, soft, and lightly fragranced.

Our body butters are renowned for their moisturizing, reparative, and softening properties. They are rich in oleic and stearic acids, as well as natural antioxidants like vitamins A and E. Made from natural butters such as shea and coconut, they provide the skin with elasticity, suppleness, and deep hydration. They are a true ally for the skin.

Our cosmetic oils provide intense hydration to the skin, nourish it deeply, and help maintain the skin’s water balance, strengthen the skin barrier, and soften the skin texture. Moreover, several of our cosmetic oils are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, which help reduce signs of aging and soothe irritations.

Our hand creams with argan oil are a true elixir for enhanced and protected hands. Formulated with nourishing agents, they aim to soften the skin, prevent dryness, and restore skin comfort.

Our foot creams are specially formulated to treat dry and rough skin. Enriched with moisturizing agents, they soften thick skin, prevent calluses and cracked heels, while providing a soothing, refreshing sensation.

Our anti-cellulite treatments are specially formulated to target and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Enriched with active ingredients such as caffeine, carnitine, and other natural extracts, these products promote microcirculation, contribute to the breakdown of fat cells, and improve skin elasticity.

Our massage oils are a precious elixir renowned for their soothing and relaxing properties. Upon application, they provide deep relaxation, enveloping the entire body in a sense of well-being. Enriched with a harmonious blend of essential oils and floral aromas, these oils not only relax the muscles but elevate the massage experience by offering a refined olfactory dimension.

Our tanning oils embody the very essence of the sun. Enriched with natural ingredients, they enhance the skin with a radiant and even tan. Designed for a smooth and pleasant application, our lightweight formulas nourish and protect the skin, leaving a satin finish without any sticky sensation.

Our after-sun creams are soothing and reparative treatments formulated to moisturize and relieve the skin after prolonged sun exposure.

Our refreshing sprays provide the skin with an instant feeling of freshness and a revitalizing experience, thanks to their formulation that combines moisturizing agents, natural extracts, and sometimes soothing ingredients.

Our shower gel formulas exalt the epidermis, awakening each pore to the nourishing essence of argan, enveloping the skin in softness and freshness.

 Our bath salts are rich in minerals and trace elements, essential for the vitality of the skin, and are renowned for soothing tired muscles and promoting relaxation, offering a true relaxing and soothing break. Enriched with exotic aromas, they not only caress the skin but also the senses.

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